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Web Developer Features

If you’re a web developer customizing Harbor for your client, there are a few “just for web developers” features you should know about.

Working with the source code

Harbor is built with Sass and Gulp using the Kraken boilerplate.

If you’d like to work with source code, please consult the Kraken docs to get started. One small addition: Harbor automatically builds the style.css file for you using the package.json file.

Changing the Theme Name

If you’re going to make modifications to Harbor, it is strongly suggested that change the name of theme to avoid conflicts in the future. You can do this in the style.css file, or if you’re using the source files, the package.json file.

Disabling features

Harbor includes a configuration function at very top of the functions.php file. Setting any feature to false disables it.

function keel_developer_options() {
    return array(
        'fonts' => true, // Custom typefaces
        'social' => true, // Social links in the footer
        'footer' => true, // Custom footer content sections
        'pets' => true, // Pet listings
        'paypal' => true, // PayPal donation integration
        'events' => true, // Events
        'gallery' => true, // Responsive tiled  shortcode
        'hero' => true, // Header hero meta box
        'page_width' => false, // Custom page layouts
        'custom_logo' => true, // Custom logo support
        'button_shortcode' => true, //  shortcode
        'svg_shortcode' => true, //  shortcode
        'theme_support' => true, // Theme support link under "Appearance"

If you disable custom typefaces and are working with the source files, you should also set $fonts to false in the src/sass/_config.scss file to reduce overall file size.

Custom page layouts

Only one feature in Harbor is disabled by default: page_width. Setting this to true adds a special meta box on pages that let’s you customize the width of the page.

default is the narrow, content-focused page width (40em). wide sets the page content to the same width as the header and footer (80em).

diy removes all padding from the body content and gives you complete control. This is useful when you want to include full-bleed content sections. Check out the Kraken docs to learn more about the responsive grid used in Harbor.

You can also hide the page h1 header by checking the Hide Page Header checkbox.

Inline SVGs

Harbor adds Media Library support for SVGs. While SVGs can be used as the src of an <img> tag, Harbor also includes the [svg] shortcode if you’d prefer to inline your SVGs.

An id or url attribute must be passed in. You can also add classes to the SVG with the class attribute.

[svg url="" class="icon icon-large"]

Helper functions

There are a numerous helper functions in the functions.php file. There are too many to list and document here, but they’re all documented using the PHPDoc format.