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This is a living guide to the planned changes and updates to Harbor. Fair warning: things will change.

Harbor Theme

  • Move from an all-in-one model to base theme with extension plugins approach. ie. Things like events and Petfinder integration will be moved to plugins that are tightly integrated with Harbor. This provides greater flexibility for site owners and less clutter in the Dashboard.
  • Add color pickers so that organizations can easily update the color palette.
  • Build a GUI for grid-based layouts on pages.
  • Add custom WordPress hooks to all the things for greater extensibility and developer flexibility.
  • Look into server-side concatenation of various files.

Donations Plugin

  • Move PayPal donations to plugin using custom post types and unique shortcodes.
  • Allow for the creation of complex tables and simple donation buttons.
  • Tie tables/buttons to Campaigns with goals/targets, and provide a way to display progress against them on the front end.
  • Add Stripe support.
  • Support PayPal standard AND PayPal Express Checkout (not currently supported) with an API key.
  • Build in reporting and/or a donor management system

Petfinder API Plugin

  • Move Petfinder functionality to a plugin.
  • Add “Featured Pet” functionality.

Events Plugin

  • Move events functionality to a plugin.

MailChimp Plugin

  • Add plugin to dynamically add MailChimp signup forms and add people to groups.
  • Integrate with Donations plugin when available to add people to lists after they donate.

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